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Larch lap panels
On concrete posts can also have concrete gravel boards Lap panel fencing is a popular wooden screen fence used in many gardens and can be decorated with a range of trellis tops and decorative post caps.
Available in 3,4,5,5ft6inch, and 6 foot
Our standard lap panels are 1.83m wide with capping on the top but we can also cater for individual requirements such as different widths and sloping tops.


Trellis fencing
is a decorative wooden mesh style fence most often used in gardens and can be erected as a fence in itself or as a top to a solid fence. We can also cater for individual requirements including curved top trellis, also known as scallop (curved down) or bow (curved up) top trellis.
Trellis is a universal item, it can be used for screening, decoration, or division within the garden, another idea for decoration could be having a trellis on the top of a panel with a vine or flowers growing on it.


Traditional close board fencing
is a strong wooden screen fence constructed on site suitable for both level and sloping ground. It consists of gravel boards running along the bottom with a number of cant rails clad with featheredge boards, all of which is fitted to wooden or concrete posts. The quantity of cant rails used depends on the height of the fence and generally speaking 2 rails are used for fences up to 1.5m high and 3 rails used for taller fences. Posts are normally set at 3m intervals but in some instances, a shorter section may be used in order to avoid an obstruction such as tree roots, pipes, etc.


Post and rail fencing
has many uses ranging from field boundaries to front garden fencing. It is a popular open style fencing used on farm and equestrian properties to contain large livestock and can be used with wire mesh to contain smaller pets and animals. The fencing consists of horizontal rails fixed between vertical posts. Post and Rail fencing is available in a range of designs with each suited to different requirements and purposes.


Wooden palisade fencing and gates
Wooden Palisade fencing is a strong fence that allows vision through it often used as a decorative boundary when full privacy is not required. The pales are available with pointed, round or flat tops and can be timber planed all round  if required ready to be primed and painted by the customer. Matching gates are also available in timber of the same dimension if required. Palisade fencing can be constructed with or without gravel boards below although we would normally construct without gravel boards unless specifically stated otherwise.


Close Board Panel Fencing
Close board panel fencing is a popular and long lasting wooden screen fence constructed from pre-fabricated panels and offers both privacy and security. It is best constructed with concrete gravel boards below and fitted between slotted concrete posts to ensure maximum lifespan. Gravel boards are 50mm thick and available in 150mm


Continental Panel Fencing
For those that require something special, we can supply and install continental Products such as decorative Panels, Trellis, Arches


Picket fencing
comes in all sizes can have a flat ,pointed or round top The traditional picket fence is a simple and attractive fence which is ideal for the splitting of front gardens or for fencing off areas to prevent access for dogs.

Steel palisade

Can be installed as low as 900mm and up to 2,4 meters Steel palisade is available in a wide range of specifications. Due to the pale profile and the style of pale top, steel pale fencing is designed to physically deter intruders. We can provide both the recognised standard 'D' profile and also the 'W' profile. Both are available with triple pointed and splayed, pointed and rounded and notched tops.


on angle iron posts with barb wire Chain link fencing is a mesh fence that allows vision through  Chain link fencing is available in a variety of heights and gauge and the most popular is green plastic coated link  All chain link fencing is fitted onto black bitumen painted angle iron consisting of 50mm x 50mm x 6mm angle for end, corner and intermediate straining posts which are concreted 600mm into the ground. Concrete posts of 100mm x 100mm can also be used, concreted 600mm into the ground. We can also provide single or double gates of any size with angle iron framework clad with a choice of chain link to match the fence


Post and wire fencing
A versatile wire mesh fencing available in different specifications to suit a wide range of livestock.


Green Powder Coated Welded Mesh Panel System.
Used around many school and commercial properties gives good security and good vision through 


Black Powder Coated Solid Round Infill.
Bow Top.


Galvanised  or painted Bar in Bow Railings.
Comes in any height


Single gates
made of closeboard or tongue and groove
Available in many heights, widths and styles. We can always find something to suit your original fencing or brickwork


Drive gates
if you have a design you like send it to us and will do it
Stunning range of wooden drive gates. Can be fixed to existing brick or fencing work.


Wrought iron gates
send a design and we will do it for you. Available in many heights and styles.


Field gates
The classic country style wooden gate. Strong and long lasting and great looking. 
We also do entrance gates which have a horn coming down and are planed

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